BaptismBaptism is a most important sacrament and we are more than happy to help you arrange a Baptism for your child.

All Baptisms in our Catholic Churches in North Tyneside must be arranged by appointment with the local Parish Priest.

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The following requirements are necessary for Baptism to take place:

  • At least one of the parents must be Catholic.
  • Both Godparents must be baptised.
  • At least one of the Godparents must be Catholic.

It is hoped that all those who seek baptism are attending Sunday Mass regularly and it is also expected that for baptism to be celebrated in one of our churches that you are actually living in the parish or worshipping at the church.

We run a Baptism course for the parents of those seeking Baptism and arrangements for this should be made with the local priest of your parish church. A date for Baptism is not usually given until after the Baptism course has been attended.

The Baptism course is held in four of our churches, and held once a month, rotating between the churches. Full information about the Baptism course, its venue and the date and time will be given to you by your parish priest when you approach him about Baptism.