Anointing Of The Sick

The Anointing of the Sick is the Sacrament offered by the Church when someone falls ill or someones health deteriorates or they become infirm through old age.  In this Sacrament you are anointed with the Oil of the Sick [Infirmorum] on your forehead and the palms of both of our hands.

Anointing of the sick

It is offered to anyone of any age who becomes ill or infirm.

If you are not very well, through illness or very infirm and unable to get to church, it is possible to receive the Anointing of the Sick.  All you have to do is ask your parish priest and he will make arrangements to come and visit you.

If you are sick and admitted to Hospital, the Anointing of the Sick is one of the Sacraments celebrated by our Hospital Chaplain.  All you need to do while you are in hospital is speak to the Ward Staff and ask for the Catholic Chaplain to call in to see you so that you can celebrate the Anointing of the Sick.

In our Pastoral Area, we celebrate Mass with the Anointing of the Sick, a couple of times each year.  You just need to watch the newsletters for the times when these are celebrated.

What does the Church teach?

Anointing of the sick